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Sunday was a great milestone for me. 

Since the conception of Leur Magazine in 2016 and the flaming fires under my ass by the names of Devin Rogers and Lauren Duhon, I have always dreamt of the day this publication would be displayed inside of an art gallery.

I arrived Sunday morning to the Hall-Barnett Gallery and as my anxiety took over, I couldn't help but cry and smile at the same time. I just stood outside staring and watching people look through the pages of something I have worked hard for, and sacrificed many things for, with smiles on every single one of their faces. 


I also, finally managed to catch this show ... 


Queer Tropics

Pelican Bomb presents Queer Tropics, a group exhibition that considers the abstract idea of the tropics and how that vision has been created, reinforced, and confronted. “Queer Tropics,” which was conceived by Pelican Bomb’s Charlie Tatum, features artworks—including several newly commissioned installations—that examine the visual and cultural systems through which one imagines the landscape of the tropics as a site of leisure, sensuality, and play.

Artists featured: Ash Arder, Kerry Downey, Madeline Gallucci, Victoria Martinez, Joiri Minaya, Carlos Motta, Pacifico Silano, and Adrienne Elise Tarver


Victoria Marinez

Body over Body, 2017, Mixed-media installation, 164 x 70 in

Courtesy of artist


Joiri Minaya

Container #1, 2015, Pigment print, 60 x 40 in

Courtesy of artist


Pacifico Silano

The Copa, 2017, Screen print, 50 x 38 inches

Courtesy the artist and Rubber Factory, New York


Pacifico Silano

Plant Study No. 1, 2017, C-prints mounted on plexiglass, 20 x 16 x 1 in, 15 x 12 x 1 in, and 8 x 10 x 1 in

Courtesy the artist and Rubber Factory, New York


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